Martina Maggio
Associate Professor
Department of Automatic Control
Lund University

Short Biography

I am an Associate Professor at the department of Automatic Control, Lund University. The focus of my PhD studies at the Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione at Politecnico di Milano, supervised by Alberto Leva, was the control-theoretical design of computing systems components. For one year, I visited the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working under the supervision of Anant Agarwal and together with Henry Hoffmann on the Self-Aware Computing project, named one of ten "World Changing Ideas" by Scientific American in 2011. During my postdoc at the Lund University, I worked with Karl-Erik Årzén on resource management in Real-Time computing systems and cloud computing problems. I also started to work on my own research line applying control theory to Software Engineering problems, to design software systems that provide predictable performance despite runtime variations.


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