I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Automatic Control, Lund University. I joined the department in 2012 as a postdoctoral researcher, working with Karl-Erik Årzén on resource allocation for cloud infrastructures and real-time systems. I became an Assistant Professor in 2014, and then Docent and Associate Professor in 2017.

I completed my Ph.D. at Politecnico di Milano, working with Alberto Leva on the applications of control-theoretical tools for the design of computing systems. During my Ph.D. I spent one year as a visiting graduate student at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, working with Anant Agarwal and Hank Hoffmann on the Self-Aware Computing project.

From February 2019 to December 2019 I will on sabbatical, working at Bosch Corporate Research in Renningen, Germany.

Current Students

I am also assistant supervisor of Tommi Nylander (starting date: January 2016) and Alexandre Martins (starting date: January 2016).


  • December 2018: Our paper on the use of formal models for GPS receivers to save energy and preserve trace accuracy was accepted and will be presented at ICCPS2019.
  • August 2018: I have accepted to give a keynote at MED2019, on Feedback Control for Predictable Cloud Computing. You can check the talk details on the conference website.
  • July 2018: I have accepted to serve as track chair for RTAS2019 Track 2 (Applied Methodologies and Foundations). Please consider submitting a paper. New: RTAS2019 follows a double-blind peer reviewing process and Track 1 has a broadened scope.
  • June 2018: Our paper on the combination of load balancing and response time control for cloud infrastructures was accepted and will be presented at ICAC2018.
  • April 2018: Our paper on the application of model checking to timing requirements on the execution of big data applications was accepted and will be presented at CCTA2018.
  • March 2018: Our paper on the estimation of frame sizes for real-time transmission and infrastructure dimensioning for surveillance video streaming was accepted and will be presented at ECRTS2018. The paper is available online.
  • January 2018: Our paper on controlling response times for cloud computing was accepted and will be presented at ACC2018, a publication preprint is now online.
  • August 2017: Our paper on formal verification of event-triggered network bandwidth allocation strategies was accepted and will be presented at RTSS2017, a publication preprint is now online. The code for the experiments can be found on the GitHub repository.
  • June 2017: Our paper on automated control for software applications that uses multiple actuators to tackle multiple objectives simultaneously was accepted and will be presented at FSE2017. A publication preprint is available online and further information, including the code for some of the experiments, can be found on the paper page.